Advanced Options & Support

Let me show and explain the global settings for Wp Webinar Pro to you...

Advanced Options Explained...

If you want to use the same list over and over again, just set it here and you never have to fill it out. It will, by default, be filled out for you when you create new webinar sign up pages for any of your webinars. The same goes for your confirmation URL (where they're redirected to after they sign up).

It's highly recommended you put privacy, terms of use and earnings disclaimers on all your pages. In this case, just put a link to your generic terms and disclaimers and they will automatically show you in the wp webinar pro templates.

Lastly, you can put google analytics and additional html in the footer area if you wish by filling out the appropriate boxes. Also, see those question marks? If you hover your mouse over one, it will give you a tool tip related to the feature or function theq uestion mark is next to.

Creating Your Own Templates

You aren't limited by our 11 templates we're providing you today. You can create your own, or hire someone to do it for you. It will require you to know a little html code.

That's it!

We give you a "reference guide" with certain "tokens" to place inside any template you create so it will work with our set up function. But once you know these templates and also how to use them (we explain step by step in the members area) you can easily convert any page into a sign up page that is compatible with WP Webinar Pro.

World Class Support & Instruction

This plugin is so easy to use and our instruction guide is so well documented, I doubt you'll need support. But if you do, we're here for. At any time you can contact support at and we'll respond back to your support issue usually within 24 hours on business days.